How can I make e-smith accept a passive ISDN-Card as DialOut-Device?
Klaus J. Mueller (kjm (at)
v0.5b, 2001-04-25

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Current version
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One of the few things I missed in e-smith was its non-present support for passive ISDN cards. Now, I've been told that in most parts of the world ISDN does not have such a wide spread as it does in Germany and that external ISDN-TA could be used instead of passive cards. Still I think there are many users who would like to use a passive ISDN card because of the simple fact that they are cheaper than the external ones (ISDN-TA: around 150 Euro, passive PCI-ISDN card: around 70 Euro).

So - here's how it works: I found that the easiest way for doing this would be to use all features that are implemented in e-smith already to support normal modems and to use the modem emulation feature of isdn4linux. This gives you all the comfort for modem operation (dialing policies etc.) without setting that all up by yourself.

All you need is:
Cheers to the folks at isdn4linux and also to the e-smith people!

Version history
v0.1 2000-07-06 initial release
v0.2 2000-07-20 modification to make isdn4es work with the final version of es4
v0.3 2000-08-30 some minor changes to clarify some misunderstandable passages
v0.4 2000-10-19 minor improvements based on user-feedback, added settings for AVM Fritz! PCI
v0.5 2001-04-21 minor changes (/etc/conf.modules -> /etc/modules.conf) to adapt to e-smith 4.1.x / RedHat 7.0 file naming, some simplifications (thanx to Charlie Brady from e-smith for the suggestions!)
v0.5a 2001-04-24 corrected and completed the hints around the modprobe command. Thanx to John van Veggel who suggested this!
v0.5b 2001-04-25 added the hint to solve the "NO CARRIER" problem
Here my settings for the cards that I tested: This version 0.5b has been working for me and for John van Veggel with e-smith 4.1.1. Please let me know, if you have tested this for 4.1.2 (or any later versions that have appeared without me noticing it :-) )